Wizard game project — startup screen

Wizard is the game that my team has chosen to develop for the final project. It’s a continuation of the previous prototype. With the addition of two new members, Kayvon and Tom, we could continue with the initial scope of the game as planned.

Wizard is a 2D platformer game with a simple yet beautiful pixel art style. The game tells a story about the Wizard on his journey to chase after a Witch, for she stole three magical orbs from him. In the game, the player will play as the Wizard and go through three stages, forest, cave, and lava. At the end of each stage, you must face off against a deadly boss, who guards one of the magical orbs. After going through all the stages, the Wizard will confront the Witch for a final battle. Defeating the Wizard will reveal more of the back story explaining why the orbs are so important to him.

A partial comic art for the ending scene, which reveals more back story of the game

In terms of aesthetics, Wizard focuses on ‘fantasy’ as the player transforms into the little Wizard and dives deep into the narrative. Wizard has very simple mechanics: moving, jumping, and spell casting, but the story and art style significantly enhance the overall playing experience. Also, the level design creates an extensive, engaging challenge. During the gameplay, the player will try to attack the zombies as well as avoiding their pukes. Simultaneously, challenging platforms and obstacles can render harmful to the player.

New stage where the Wizard finds the next orb

Our team has developed more content for the game. We’ve been building more stages to support the corresponding narrative of the game. Based on the feedback from the prototype, we introduce the checkpoint system, so the player can respawn at the closest point in the progress. After collecting the orbs, each of them offers unique abilities that support the Wizard’s journey. We also fixed a lot of bugs found in the prototype, such as the issue when the player cannot move at certain points. In addition, we add more sound effects to improve the gameplay experience.

The final game is still in progress, but we plan to deliver the full game by mid-December as planned. If you haven’t tried the prototype, follow the link here.

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