Wizard Game Prototype

Gameplay in Wizard

Our game is called Wizard. It is a 2D platformer genre, progressing in a horizontal manner. The game focuses on portraying the journey of the Wizard, who is trying to get back three magical orbs, stolen by an evil Witch. The mechanics are very basic. The players use left and right arrow keys to move, spacebar to jump, and F key to cast a spell (attack). In this first prototype, the player will control the Wizard to travel through a forest scene, fight with zombie toons, and an eating-plant boss. The player will also try to avoid the dangerous red thorns and pits along the way. After defeating the boss, the player will climb onto the peak of a hill to retrieve the first orb — plant orb.

The evil Wizard steals three magical orbs from the Witch

From the last alpha playtesting, we found a major bug that made the game build unplayable for the WebGL version. With help of Mr. Pergerson, the teacher assistant, we figured out there was a script problem that caused the intro video to freeze the game, so the game is fully functional now.

We received a lot of positive feedback from peer reviews. All of them thought that the game was finished and polished. As an artist, I am happy that many people like the art style. Other suggestions were minor things, such as the difficulty of the game was challenging, but I think the current difficulty keeps the game interesting and competitive. Also, there was mixed feedback on the background music being slightly loud, but the major of them found it fitting the game. Thus, we don’t change much of the mechanics of the game.

There are still some minor bugs in the script that we can fix to enhance the gameplay experience, but we will save that for the final project as we plan to continue developing this game furthermore. The first issue is that the Wizard stops moving at a certain distance despite pressing the moving keys. The workaround solution is to jump and the Wizard can move again. The second issue is that the Wizard can climb the wall with the jump mechanic.

Our team has made good progress so far, but we planned to implement more content into the game for the final projects. We will introduce two new stages to complete the story, as well as adding new characters to the game. I am looking forward to finishing the game and will publish it in another blog post.

If you are missing out, here is the game prototype. Enjoy!

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